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Xanadoo invests alongside its clients in a portfolio of typically 30-40 names at any one time.  

Stock, Commodity and Derivative Trading

By trading primarily long positions, and using structured and derivative products, Xanadoo's fund managers seek above benchmark returns while using a suite of risk management tools to reduce client exposure.

Funds Management 

Xanadoo gives clients access to a variety of leveraged and vanilla funds management tools and services.  

Macro Advisory

We advise on macro economic trends and in particular political economy matters in regular newsletters and bespoke client products.  

Financial Consultations

Positioning clients in an uncertain world for growth and security.  Our Investment Specialists will assess risk appetite, life situation, and client goals and prepare a financial and investment plan designed specifically for each client.

Trading Education and Advice

Many tools are now available that make trading and participation in the markets available, but there are pitfalls and opportunities those new to direct trading need to learn.  Xanadoo Business Specialists can design a training program suited to your needs.  

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